A drum motor is equipped with seals to keep the oil in, but also to keep dirt and moisture out. For different conditions are separate seals developed.

Drum motor from steel

RB afdichting 

RB seal

This is the default " GV " Drum motor sealing. This type of seal is in the most common applications. IP 66. 

RBS afdichting

RBS seal

This seal is specially designed for applications where under high pressure. IP 66.

HD afdichting

HD seal

This seal is applied in extreme abrasive conditions. IP 66.


Drum motor in stainless steel

 CR afdichting

CR seal

The CR seal is applied by default in STAINLESS STEEL motors. This is an extremely effective, self-lubricating labyrinth seal. On the outside of the engine, no Hexagon screws used, but 6-side bolts. Also the filler plug is replaced by a copy with a saw cut. So is the engine easier to clean and get ë n soil bacteria no chance. Take into account different dimensions compared to the other types, see dimensional drawings. IP 66.


 UW afdichting

YOUR seal

This seal is suitable for under water use of drum motors to a depth of ca. 2 m. this type of seal is applied only in STAINLESS STEEL motors. IP 68.