Our products are constantly being developed by highly skilled engineers and technicians assisted by the use of the latest CAD technology. A bespoke production computer program for planning and assembly forms an important link in helping us manufacture a quality product product, after all a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Measuring device







Ongoing quality control and the use of the best components leads to reliability and longuevity . The most important components in the drummotor are the gears and electric motor.

Machining of the gears takes place on Hi tech machinery to extremely fine tolerances. After hardening, the teeth of the gears are polished or honed. As a result, the final noise level of the drummotor remains low and a long lifespan can be achieved.

The electric motor is also manufactured to the highest quality to withstand thermal loads (min class 'F') by using the best insulators available and by careful impregnation on bespoke computer controlled impregnation machines. This is the way "GV" Drummotors are distinguished from other drummotors in the market.